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List of Top 3 PIC C Compiler (s)


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List of Top 3 PIC C Compiler (s)

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:41 pm


Hi friends, i hope you are doing fine, Today I am gonna share a list of top 3 PIC C Compiler(s) with you. Before telling you about PIC C Compilers I would like to tell you about PIC MicroController and Compiler.

Let's start with the PIC Microcontroller.

What is PIC Microcontroller??

PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller, Old Models of PIC only had Read-Only-Memory (ROM), but current models are using FLASH MEMORY for program storage. Latest Models allow PIC to re-program itself.

A microcontroller is referred  to self contained system with a Processor, Memory and Peripheral Device, and it can be used as an Embedded System.

The most commonly used microcontroller is PIC Micro Controller.

After having a knowledge about PIC Microcontroller, I would like to tell you about Compiler.

What is a Compiler?

The word Compiler refers to Translator.  Compiler Translates Programming Code into Machine Code.

A Compiler is a Program that read program statements , process on it and then convert it into Machine Language or Code.

Program ----> Compiler (Processing) <----- Machine Code / Binary Code.

Every Programming Language has its own Compiler. Similarly PIC C is a compiler for C Language.

Now, I would like to tell you about Most Commonly Used PIC C Compilers.

MikroC PRO for PIC

MikroC Pro for PIC is a complete solution for ANSI C Compiler for PIC.  It is innovative compiler with advance optimizations, and lot of Libraries and useful tools.

It reduce the size of your code upto 20 %.

Its IDE is flexible and user friendly.

Its paid compiler and has lot of updates and new features.

CCS C Compiler

CCS C compiler is 2nd best PIC C Compiler. CCS C is also most advanced PIC C Compiler , It has lot of useful features like

  • Memory Size instructions

  • Functionality of Pin

  • Blinking of Memory

MPLAB C Compiler

MPLAB C Compiler is also an innovative Compiler for PIC C.  It is also most commonly used Compiler for PIC.

It is compatible with ANSI 89.

It has read and write access to external memory.

MPLAB C Compiler comes with impressive user friendly environment and best code generator.

These are the most commonly used and Top Rated PIC C Compilers.

If you have any kind of question regarding these compilers, Don't hesitate to comment below.


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