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How to Bypass Android Lollipop 5.0 Lock Screen

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How to Bypass Android Lollipop 5.0 Lock Screen

The vulnerability is the thing – that each and every system currently have, whether we found that now or later on but sooner or later we will. Why we need to bypass our Android password protected lock screen? there is only two reason either you have forgotten your password (After the maximum limit of incorrect password you will be prompt to click on Forget Password and you will be required to provide your Gmail password) or else you are trying to hack into your Android Lollipop smartphone!

This is a security bug on your Android smartphone, but Google updated this via OTA still some of the devices can be used to perform this so-called hack, follow the below steps to bypass password protected lock screen.

So start following the below steps:


Step1: Your Android is already locked so you need to click on Emergency button(if you can’t find that then you need to use maximum limit of the incorrect password which will lead you to Emergency call.)

click on Emergency button

Step2: Now on the Emergency dialer you need to click random numbers continuously until it crossed its limit.

Step3: After that you need to copy that whole number by long pressing and select“Select All” and then select “Copy“.

Select All and copy it

Step4: After that you need to open your camera, Camera can be accessible if you have not locked your camera too, After opening camera – you need to slide downthe notification bar and it will ask you to provide your lock screen password thenpaste the copied numbers.

Soon after you provide the copied number you will see your camera is crashed or if not then you need to paste the password again which may be 3 – 5 times along with pressing the volume up-down key to make your system lag.

Unfortunately, Camera has stopped

Step6: And if you followed the process correctly then your camera will get crash suddenly and from there your device is unlocked with a pop-up window showing“Unfortunately, Camera has stopped“.

Note: This security vulnerability still works on some of the outdated devices, if your Android device is not being updated with the recent update patch then it will work on that device.

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