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Bomb Someone’s Whatsapp with VBScript

How to

Bomb Someone’s Whatsapp with VBScript


well here is the code:
‘ InputBoxes
Contact = InputBox(“Which Conctact Do You Want To DDos?”, “WhatsApp DDos”)
Message = InputBox(“What Is The Message?”,”WhatsApp DDos”)
T = InputBox(“How Many Times Needs It To Be Send?”,”WhatsApp DDos”)
If MsgBox(“You’ve Filled It In Correctely”, 1024 + vbSystemModal, “WhatsApp DDos”) = vbOk Then

‘ Go To WhatsApp
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
Return = WshShell.Run(“”, 1)

‘ Loading Time

If MsgBox(“Is WhatsApp Loaded?” & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & “Press No To Cancel”, vbYesNo + vbQuestion + vbSystemModal, “WhatsApp DDos”) = vbYes Then

‘ Go To The WhatsApp Search Bar
WScript.Sleep 50
WshShell.SendKeys “{TAB}”

‘ Go To The Contacts Chat
WScript.Sleep 50
WshShell.SendKeys Contact
WScript.Sleep 50
WshShell.SendKeys “{ENTER}”

‘ The Loop For The Messages
For i = 0 to T
WScript.Sleep 5
WshShell.SendKeys Message
WScript.Sleep 5
WshShell.SendKeys “{ENTER}”

‘ End Of The Script
WScript.Sleep 3000
MsgBox “DDosing Of ” + Contact + ” Is Done”, 1024 + vbSystemModal, “DDos Is Done”

‘ Canceled Script
MsgBox “Process Has Been Canceled”, vbSystemModal, “DDos Canceled”
End If
End If

The Explaination: 

The ” Command: 

This order is utilized to make a laud in the script. so on the off chance that you take the summon line ” InputBoxes for instance it does nothing, so it is only for the individual who examens the code an update

The Something = Something Command 

This charge is utilized to set a variable, and the variable name can be anything really. After the = character comes the article you need it to be, and is entirely helpful. For instance you need 2 or more things to have the same contribution at ones. Like you need 2 message boxes yet don’t need 2 info boxes however one so you say:

Message = InputBox(“Type Your Message”)

MsgBox Message

MsgBox Message

also, that is fundamentally what it is.

The InputBox() Command 

This order is utilized to make a pop-up box where you can sort something into. The Syntax is: InputBox(prompt, title, default , xpos, ypos, helpfile, setting)

The MsgBox Command 

This charge is utilized to popup a case with a message. The sentence structure is:

MsgBox(prompt , catches, title , helpfile, setting)

The If..Then..Else Command 

This is utilized to do/initiate things when a particular case is so. The language structure is:

In the event that condition Then Statements Else-Statements End If

for instance in the event that you have a messagebox with a yes and no catch and you need to react to it would be

in the event that MsgBox(“Do You Want To Be Friends?”, vbYesNo, “”) = vbYes Then MsgBox(“Yippeee We Are Friends”, 1024, “”)


MsgBox(“Well I Thought It Was Going So Wel Between Us”, 1024, “”)

That is It

The .Sleep Command 

This order is utilized to set a delay for an amound of time in milliseconds. The linguistic structure is: Wscript.Sleep Amount of time

The .SendKeys Command 

This order is utilized to send a key. The sentence structure is: WshShell.SendKeys “here your key Here the amound of times it must be squeezed)”

The For..Next Command 

This summon is utilized to rehash a groep or a charge untill it has done various times. The language structure is: For i = 0 to (here your number)



Saving And Run It 

To run the vbs script you have to spare it, obviously! You do this by duplicate and glue it in scratch pad (or whatever other content manager program). what’s more, spare it as yourfilename.vbs

the .vbs is imperative as it let the pc comprehend what sort of code it is and to not spare it as YourFileName.vbs.txt but rather YourFileName.vbs. The following thing you have to do is clicking under the name of your organizer and select “all records” so it is not a txt document. Presently spare it and double tap it to run it.

Also, That’s All there is in this How To/Lession this was my second instructional exercise and any recognizes are appriciated. tell me what you consider it in the event that you have any inquiries or recently in the event that you need to share your idea

What’s more, informed me regarding whether you folks need me to make a greater amount of these entertaining things

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